Editorial Work

June 29, 2010 § 2 Comments

Recent Editiorial work for leaf magazine

Discarded Ideas Mountain

Editorial work for Leaf magazine

This image hardly took any time at all, but i like  it so much more than the others that i spent hours fussing over..  i love his expression!


Editorial piece for Leaf magazine

This was a developed idea i was originally using for a creative writing collaboration, but i recently decided that i wanted to use it for something more appropriate like this.

Final Editiorial piece for Leaf Magazine

The final (and I personally feel, the least successful) of my series for this magazine. I really like the concept, but I think because I did them all on the same day I was losing enthusiasm and interest as the day developed. I burnt myself out!:) But it was a great experience- I’ll have to let you know if they’re picked because i dont know yet!


§ 2 Responses to Editorial Work

  • jojonorris says:

    I actually found out recently that they’re using all my illustrations for the magazine! so YAYNESS!

  • suesue says:

    Hello….it’s all looking tres good – love the idea of a watering can full of random letters! – you could really develop the idea….a light shower of pretty words, a thunderstorm of angry words & expletives
    love lovexx

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