My Blurb Book Arrived!

April 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

My Vulpes&Vulpes book arrived today from Blurb! I’m actually delighted with the quality because I was a bit worried about the test prints that had been done and the cropping of the images. But it’s perfect!! I went for the (expensive) hardcover imagewrap for this book, with a lovely lustre paper. They’ve changed the end papers to a soft grey colour, and I really prefer these to the earlier end sheets which were bright white and poorer quality. I ordered my other book ‘My Troublesome Cloud’ a few weeks ago, so I’m just waiting on that one now! I’m hoping it’s perfect too.. I went for soft cover with that book because it felt more ‘children’s book-like’  and I think of the foxy book as being more of an art book.

Here’s a sneaky Peek for you!

This is the Back Cover, it’s printed double sided and thetwo foxes meet in the middle from either end of the book!

Vulpes & Vulpes Back Cover

Also there was a really beautiful Edinburgh sunset the other evening, and it reminded me far too much of the colour palette for my other book,   the troublesome cloud one, so I needed to put this in too!

Colour Palette Sunset!


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