Boy & the Bunnet (LIVE!) & Queen’s Hall Theatre

February 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

Poster B&TB
It’s so much fun spotting Neil everywhere in scotland! 

( I can’t believe that I actually subliminally coordinate with my illustrations!)

WOW I had such a wonderful weekend at TB&TB musical last weekend!

It was fantastic hearing the live music in connection with the book-
it actually brought me and my friend to tears, it was so beautiful!

Whilst I was up in that neck of the woods, I also got to take a quick peek at my latest illustration for Queen’s Hall Theatre!
Really happy with how the illustration of the violin came out on the
banners along the building wall and on the brochures too!

Violin Display for Queen’s Hall

Also, I FINALLY set up a tumblr account!
Yay! So now you can follow/add/question,
(or whatever it is you do on tumblr.. as it’s all alien to me right now!)
and say Hi! You can visit me here! <(click me!)

Sorry for the rather eclectic post!
Life is rather hectic at the mo!
Night night all!

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