The arrival of Leaf Writer’s Magazine!

October 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

I got some rather exciting post this morning: Leaf Magazine arrived!

Here’s a few quick images of the magazine and my illustrations in situ!

Leaf Writer's Magazine Cover

Nomad News!

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So just to add a little bit of pressure I’ve decided to take on the Secretary and Creative Directors Role for Nomad Magazine, which is a free travel/global views/magazine run by Edinburgh University students. The next issue to come out  is actually the one I did all the layout  (and lots of illustrations) for over Easter last year,  though due to funds there’s been a slight delay in the release. But we’re getting our groove on now and it’ll be published very soon – so keep an eye out for it in all the local haunts!

Plans are already being made for the next issue, and I’m just doing a bit of shameless plugging to get everyone to take a peek at our website and see if they would like to contribute any travel, politics, opions, or creative writing text, photography, illustrations, or join our team. Please get in touch with me if you’re interested for details, or send an email to us on our website and blog!

Take a peek at: We’re having our website updated too- so watch this space!


Some little Leaf Mag Writing illustrations!

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'Reading List'

Some editorial work for Leaf Mag!  The themes are ‘travel writing’ and ‘beginnings’. So, so far this is what I’ve got! They’re all based on travel writing at the moment!

Travel Writing

Went for a little bit of a Pinocchio theme..but I really fancied drawing a whale at the time..may be a teensy bit vague..wooopsie.

Travel Writing

Duality 2 Arrived!

August 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

I thought I’d take a few photos of the finished product which arrived this morning!

(I’m also quite excited by the new tiger hat I just bought..)

Duality 2!

Back Cover

Story Illustration

My Illustrations for Duality!

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Illustration for story ROYGBIV by Christine Stoddard.

Front Cover Illustration for Duality 2 'colours'

The Front cover illustration had the title ‘supporting’ the typewriter so it wasn’t floating in mid-air like this!

The book is now available people!

On another note I’ve been failing a bit recently with the Alphabet Oddities!

(But I finally made a start on the sketchbook project!)

Oh and some more recent news is that I’m going to start contributing my illustrations regulary to ‘Leaf Writer’s Magazine’. Yay!


Also, check out this really cute project called ‘Shoe tales’ (

That’s next on the agenda!

Duality 2 – Book Previews!

August 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

Click and see the preview of the book! (and also a sneaky peek at  my cover artwork!)

You can pre-order your copies now! Doo itt! Copies can be pre-ordered now for £6.00 per copy, plus p&p.

(Packing and posting costs £2.95 per book, but reductions are available for multiple orders, on request.)

Duality the Book

July 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’ve recently been participating in a project called ‘Duality’ which is a collection of short stories and illustrations, Edited by Alec Beattie.

This edition is based on the theme  ‘colours’  and will be available to buy in August 2010

You find more information about the book and previous issues at:

and at

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