Illustration Friday: Shades

March 17, 2012 § 13 Comments

So.. Everything’s over and I’ve finally managed to have a weekend all to myself! (Spare time is like gold dust at the moment!) I’ve doodled an adorable red panda chillaxing in the shade for Illustration Friday and also because of the completion of all my current projects, including the Boy and the Bunnet! (You can buy the book  here!) So anyway this red panda kind of feels  a bit like a self portrait right now! I’m off now to enjoy the fleeting sunshine! (Spring’s nearly here!) xx

jojo norris red panda

Relaxing in the shade!

The Sketchbook Project Tour 2011

January 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

I managed it! Yay! Ready to be posted tomorrow, Here are some scans of my favourite pages, I know its foxes.. AGAIN. Believe me, I’m getting as sick of them as you probably are! That’s it for a while from these cute furry nocturnal mammals! My theme was ‘nighttime stories’ if I’d had more time to be original I’d have loved to have done something a bit different maybe to do with dreams and symmetrical imagery, (which I will try soon I think) but at least the work I’ve done for this sketchbook is useful for my current fox project… which I think I need to take a step back from for a while! If I need to illustrate another fox in the next few days I think I might explode!

Byebye sketchbook!

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Scarf Sloths!

January 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Using two old scarves that I never really wore anymore, I cut them both into various shapes and sizes, used a bit of sewing machine magic, fluffiness, and voila! I created these rather cute two toed sloths! I added  the buttons and the limbs on afterwards by hand. The eyes were a bit more complicated as they needed to be put in before I sewed up the nose, but a little bit of guesstimation went quite a long way!

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Children’s Book Experience

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Here are some character designs for a recent children’s book collaboration opportunity, unfortunately my work wasn’t chosen, but I ended up being one of the last two illustrators being considered!  But either way it was an excellent and valuable professional experience for me and I’m really happy with the work I produced for this. I’m really interested in the textural markmaking of the paint work, (where I’ve scratched back into the image) and the layers of different mediums such as paper and ink as the backgrounds. I also did a lot of digital editing on the first image, as I wanted to make it much darker, and erase areas to help create the atmosphere.

More uploads to come tomorrow!  Off to bed now. Night night!

Nikon Competition

October 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Please please plleeease click on this link and vote for my image! I’m so nearly into the top 100! Thanks so much!




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Well.. I decided it was time to finally get some of my work into print, so I’m now selling tshirts and prints of these rather lovely fellows:


I’m screenprinting these beautiful creatures tomorrow onto plain white tshirts. They’ll be A3 size on the shirt,  looking up lovingly at you from the bottom half of the shirt. (See the pictures tomorrow!) These are 3 colour, limited edition prints so if you’re interested you’ll have to snap them up quick! And If they’re proving popular I’ll print more! Sizes come in S, M, and L.

Please email me with the size you need! (or just give me a text/facebook message) Its a first come first serve basis at the moment!!

The shirts will cost a mere £16 and you’ll be able to buy them off my etsy account.. which I will have up and running by tomorrow!

The 2D prints cost £8 each! They’ll be window mounted (slightly larger than A3 size)  and popped in the post along with a piece of strong card so they dont’ get bashed on their journey!

Please get in touch with any orders!!

Final Alphabet book images!

September 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

P is for Pufferfish

W is for West Virgina Northern Flying Squirrel!

U is for Unau

It’s done!!! Check out the Animal Oddities Alphabet Page on the left hand side to see them all in a slideshow!

So That’s all for now folks! yay! So I just need to bind them into a post-card-book now..and then ta da! (hopefully soon you’ll be able to buy my printed books on folksy/etsy, so keep your eyes peeled!) Nightnight!

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