And if you believed they put a man on the moon….

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Man on the moon

Got my lovely new camera out again today and took some beautiful close ups of the moon, it’s amazing, you can even see the craters!

Possum the hamster!

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‘Possum’ nibbling!

We bought her a few weeks ago!  Here she is having a bit of a gnaw. She’s so fluffy!!! I really liked the photo so I thought I’d pop it up here for you to see!

Hundreds of Herons!

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I got my new camera out yesterday when I noticed a large beautiful heron stood on my neighbour’s roof, I took about  a million photos (these are the highlights!) It stayed there for around an hour, with me looking eagerly out of the window every couple of minutes. There’s so much wildlife round here, it’s making me want to constantly draw! There’s a family of foxes living in our garden too-  they’re out every couple of nights- they’re so adorable!

Living in the land of Robin Hood

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So I’m now living in Nottingham!  AND There’s so many foxes here! (It’s a dream come true!) It’s a really beautiful city with art on every corner and when the sun’s shining there’s some rather exciting fountains I can’t wait to jump in!
My first thought was to get involved ASAP in the creative art scene here so when I stumbled upon this beautiful eclectic little gallery called ‘The Davenport Shop of Originality‘ I was so delighted when they said they’d exhibit my work! So now you’ll soon be able to find my Ugly Walruses, Celio and my foxes in Nottingham! (pictures to come soon!)
For a current commission for the Queens Hall Theatre in Edinburgh I took some inspirational reference photos of some amazing street musicians including this jazz player and his saxophone. I thought it was a pretty awesome photo so I thought I’d pop it up on here!


I’ve now joined Behance!

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On an unrelated note, but I wanted to put an image up too: Here’s a photo I took of Edinburgh under the epic snow a few weeks ago!

Edinburgh under snow!

Who are you?

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Sorry it’s been a while since I posted! I’ve been a busy bee.. and been feeling a tad bit under the weather!

So here’s a teensy photography competition I decided to enter today! Have a look and vote for me please! It’s very much appreciated! I could really do with a new Camera!


I am..

With regards to the walrus tshirt, I’ve been experiencing some slight production problems, the printing went really well, but I’m now concerned I won’t be able to match supply and demand until I’ve established a permenant printing station… *sigh* But I’ll keep you updated. I might end up having to turn to Iron on Transfers for now.. But if you’re interested please get in touch. I’ll see what I can do!


Where Am I?

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